Contrary to popular belief, the Angry Customer is not your business’ worst nightmare. Frankly, the Angry Customer can be your business’ best friend.  If you can just get past the snarling, and the whining, and the threats, and the name-calling – charming things, all! – and actually take a minute to figure out what turned your customer into a beast, you may learn something about how to make your business better.  I’m serious!

No one likes to be yelled at, or insulted, or sneered at.  And there are many customers out there who engage in these activities.  True, some of them are just buttheads, and can be dismissed as such.

But not all of them!  Some of these folks are angry with good reason.  Your business has not treated them well. Your business deceived them with inaccurate marketing or advertising.  Your representatives were rude or simply disinterested.  Sometimes, the customer gets angry over something that simply could not have been helped or anticipated, but you got defensive over it, and the situation deteriorated from there.  Most situations like these can be avoided, or at least rectified.

The customer’s anger is simply identifying for you what needs to be changed or improved with your business.  You want a successful business, don’t ya?  Well, stop getting all defensive, and stop arguing with your customers, and stop whining about all the jerks who patronize your business… and start listening to them! The angry customer is giving you some free business consulting!  Take heed.


Happy International Women’s Day to all women everywhere. I salute you. And give you a (((big hug))).

Happy New Year to all of my friends and colleagues – that means you! May 2014 bring you success and peace!

Wishing everyone a safe and happy #Independence Day!

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The state of customer service today…

Happy Legos customer

Just read a great customer service story, sent to me by a buddy.  Thought  I would share it with you all, since I have a tendency to bitch and complain about crappy service all the time.  Here’s an example of a BIG company, who “gets” its customers…

The gist of the story, for those of you too busy to read it, is that this little kid spent his holiday money on some Lego product that included tiny figures.  Against his dad’s recommendation, the kid takes the toy out with him, and loses a key figure.  Kid is bummed.  He knows he screwed up.  Dad suggests he contact Lego, and see what, if anything, they can do for him.  

For many companies, this would mean a standard response, saying, “Please send $24.99, and we will send off a replacement piece to you in 3-6 weeks.  Please include $10.00 for shipping and handling.  Have a nice day!”

But the Lego customer service rep was cool.  He knew his customer, and how he felt. He knew the kid’s passion for Lego’s product.  He knew about the background of the product (LEGO Ninjago Ultra Sonic Raider set), and the significance of the lost figure.  And the rep probably could relate to a kid who screwed up, ignoring his Dad’s sound advice (anyone else been there?).

So the rep responded with a very cool email, utilizing characters and lingo from the product, to speak directly to the kid about the importance of always listening to his Dad’s advice,, but simultaneously acknowledging that losing the piece was purely accidental.  So not only did the rep hook the kid up with a replacement piece at no charge, he actually upgraded the kid’s piece, and threw in an additional different piece.

For the rep’s part, the actions taken probably took all of 10 minutes.  Order the replacement piece from Shipping, ask them to throw in an extra goodie, and send the kid an email.  Simple stuff.  Not costly or time-consuming.  But effective?  You bet!  I have no doubt that this kid will be buying Legos for his kids in 20 years.  As will LOTS of other folks who read the story.  

Great customer service does not have to be a huge spectacle.  In fact, the best companies make this kind of treatment and understanding of their customers part of their daily operations.  Most companies, unfortunately, do not.  It’s often the little things that move us from good to great.


Wishing you all a happy, healthy, and productive 2013!

79% of consumers who complained about poor srvc online were ignored. 89% of consumers took biz elsewhere after poor srvc.

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