Do You Have Some Angry Customers? Don’t Worry, They Can Help!

Posted: August 29, 2010 in General Business Fodder, Uncategorized
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Contrary to popular belief, the Angry Customer is not your business’ worst nightmare. Frankly, the Angry Customer can be your business’ best friend.  If you can just get past the snarling, and the whining, and the threats, and the name-calling – charming things, all! – and actually take a minute to figure out what turned your customer into a beast, you may learn something about how to make your business better.  I’m serious!

No one likes to be yelled at, or insulted, or sneered at.  And there are many customers out there who engage in these activities.  True, some of them are just buttheads, and can be dismissed as such.

But not all of them!  Some of these folks are angry with good reason.  Your business has not treated them well. Your business deceived them with inaccurate marketing or advertising.  Your representatives were rude or simply disinterested.  Sometimes, the customer gets angry over something that simply could not have been helped or anticipated, but you got defensive over it, and the situation deteriorated from there.  Most situations like these can be avoided, or at least rectified.

The customer’s anger is simply identifying for you what needs to be changed or improved with your business.  You want a successful business, don’t ya?  Well, stop getting all defensive, and stop arguing with your customers, and stop whining about all the jerks who patronize your business… and start listening to them! The angry customer is giving you some free business consulting!  Take heed.


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