Enough About You; Let’s Talk About Me

A Customer Service force of nature, Chuck Dennis is Vice President and Senior Consultant for Knowledgence Associates.  Chuck brings extensive customer service and business management experience & passion to client engagements.  His consulting practice includes Social Media as a cornerstone of Customer Service strategy and delivery programs. This includes assessment, training, implementation and coaching around customer or client service practices, creation and delivery of customer-focused communications.

Chuck’s key strength is his relationships with customers, and his background leading the internal teams that serve them.  He stresses active listening, swift action, and sincere follow-up as a way of keeping customers.  He specializes in the careful handling of “Angry Customers” –  teaching businesses to manage the anger, and to embrace the business improvements that can be made by acknowledging and repairing all of those offending issues that cause customer unrest.

Prior to joining Knowledgence Associates, Chuck held Customer Service management positions with Compu-Mark US and Thomson & Thomson (both member companies of The Thomson Corporation, now known as Thomson Reuters) as well as Northern Light Technology.  He began his career as a trademark analyst with the law firm of Shlesinger Arkwright Garvey & Fado.

Chuck has served on the Board of Directors of SOCAP (Society of Consumer Affairs Professionals), the Customer Advisory Board for Constant Contact, Inc. and was a member of the Planning Committee of the Boston Cell of Fast Company magazine’s Company of Friends network.  In addition to his business-related activities, Chuck has volunteered for several non-profit organizations.

An avid writer and blogger, Chuck has a BA in English from The George Washington University in Washington, DC.


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