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In this day and age, in an economy that is showing signs of staggering back to its feet, in a world where competition for the entertainment and hospitality dollar is wide and varied, it is amazing to me that establishments that cater to the public can provide ridiculously poor service, at any time.  But when poor service is mixed with bad attitude and stupidity, that my friends is the golden trifecta.

My colleague Jaime is president of the American Marketing Association of Southeastern New England, (AMASNE) and in the role, frequently hosts networking events with a substantial number of people who, not surprisingly, market for a living.

So an event is held at STATE Ultra Lounge, apparently one of Providence’s hot spots for the late night dance crowd. ¬†When Jaime called that morning to confirm, they asked if she would, umm, reschedule her event. After Jaime gently but firmly convincing them to honor their agreement and open for the sake of preregistered guests, STATE ¬†charged Jaime’s group an outrageous sum of money for less-than-exquisite hors d’oeuvres such as¬†chicken fingers and pigs in blankets that could have easily been purchased from BJ’s for $20. Jaime told me “As a business owner and marketing professional, I am bewildered and appalled.”

And here is that three-way intersection of crap service, attitude, and ignorance. STATE was mad that they had to open their doors when they otherwise would not.  AMASNE had a small but dedicated following who had already registered, but apparently not a big enough group to satisfy STATE so they gouged on the food deal.  Duh. Not exactly a smart way to treat a room full of marketers.  People who influence buying decisions, for a living.

So because of this incident, it goes without saying that AMASNE is not planning on any further events  at STATE, nor will any of the group of marketers who attended the event likely be spreading any good words about the Ultra Lounge.

Now, I’m no genius (you’ve probably noticed), but it seems to me that if a restaurant / lounge / bar / whatever… is reserving a room for a group of marketing professionals, you might want to do something to ensure that they have a great freakin’ time. ¬†Because if you DO ensure that they have a great freakin’ time, then they will send traffic your way. ¬†Not interwebs kinda traffic – real traffic! ¬†People with money traffic.

Let us consider for a moment that a personal recommendation is twice as influential as even the best advertising, and even an impersonal recommendation (from a stranger) is 50% more influential.

So this was what the young folks call “an opportunity” ¬†for STATE. ¬†A really nice one, served up on a silver platter.

And they blew it.