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Sad to see that major banks still don’t “get it” regarding customer service, even when nearly half of the organization is owned by taxpayers after a HUGE bailout.  Arrogance, they name is Lloyds!

The largest bank in the UK receives more than 2000 complaints per day, and rejects, oh, about 90% percent of them.  Now there’s a nifty way of shutting the rabble-rousers up – just ignore ’em!  Hah!  That’ll show those whiners, who are constantly complaining about overdraft charges, and the handling of their accounts and credit cards and insurance products.

A sniveling, affronted representative of Britain’s recently named “worst bank for customer satisfaction” said, “Like every organisation we know there are areas where we can improve and we’re working with our customers to do just that.”  Really?  Who does your PR, the same group that works for BP???

By way of contrast, the Royal Bank of Scotland, while receiving over 1600 complaints daily, satisfactorily resolved 80 percent of them.   No reason was given for this huge disparity.  Just a big “hmmmmmm…”

I touched on this issue regarding US banks in an article back in 2008.  Nice to see I have single-handedly made absolutely no impact in the quality of service in the global banking industry.  Please, hold your applause.  Really.

One would think that in this day and age, where the economy is still like walking on salmonella-infested eggshells, that banks would understand that they are in the “people” business, not the “let’s take as much money as we can” business.  But one would be wrong.

Teachable moment: OK, this is an easy one.  Listen to your customers.  Hear what they are saying.  Act like it means something to you.  Pull your collective head out of your collective behind!  If this many customers are disgruntled with your service, that should tell you something, yes?