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Nice to see (hear) that Tom Peters agrees with me, vis a vis the value of Angry Customers.

He was the first guy whose articulation of the importance of caring for the customer really resonated with me, back in the day when I was a young buck who thought I knew everything. ¬†I saw a video ¬†that he made on PBS one evening, based on “In Search of Excellence,” which excited me so much that I ran out and got the book and devoured it. ¬†And since then, I have considered customer service to be the cornerstone of every¬†successful¬†business, and the bane of every unsuccessful business. ¬†Good to know that Tom and I are still on the same page.

I’ve written several articles on the importance of angry customers, including this one. ¬†You know, while a customer who has had his problem swiftly and courteously resolved may end up being your most loyal customer, the customer whose anger is unresolved, or even inflamed, can chase other customers away from your business. ¬†And a business without customers ain’t a business; it’s an expensive hobby. ¬†Chew on that for a while.