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Reader of this space, and other articles I have written regarding the handling of Angry Customers, know that I value the opinions of Angry Customers.  They may not always be charming, but very often they will give you things to think about, in terms of providing better service for your customers.

That said, I acknowledge that criticism from an angry customer is not always easy to take.  I have seen people reduced to tears after being castigated by a disgruntled customer.  I have witnessed shouting matches between employees and customers.  But I have never witnessed this: a service provider so angry that she used a gun on a customer.

Now, I know (from personal experience) that customers can get nasty sometimes, especially when their expectations are not met.  McDonald’s employees can also tell you about this and that.  However, in these high-strung days of uncertain economy, tempers do run high.

But, geez louise!  Bustin’ a cap in the ass (or arm, as the case may be) of a mouthy customer is a tad over the top, dontcha think?  And we’re talking about a waffle house, here!  All this mess over some greasy, fattening, crappy-tasting breakfast.  What happened to the good old days, when food servers used to simply secretly desecrate the food of obnoxious customers, and then serve them with an evil smile? (Oh, the stories I’ve heard!  Enough so that I will NEVER, EVER make a waiter or waitress mad.  Trust me on this one, kids.)

Anywaaaaay… violence is not the answer.  Not only has this particular waffle house lost a customer for life, not to mention her friends, family, and anyone who ever speaks to her), but the affronted waitress will lose her freedom for awhile (although, in a move guaranteed to to make you smile, she was back serving tables when she posted bail, awaiting her trial)

Hey, anyone else notice the pure poetry in that last sentence?  Totally unintentional.  Creativity just oozes out of me!

OK, back to the matter at hand.  Dealing with angry customers… Lesson for today: leave weapons out of it.  (Unless you work at McDonald’s – them customers is crazy!)