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Ah geez, you’ll just love this one…

The geniuses at Microsoft and Xbox Live suspended the gaming privileges of one of their customers because of the name of his hometown, which is Fort Gay, WV.  Fort Gay, WV

Refusing to believe the customer, or even take him up on his suggestion to contact the Post Office, or even Google it, the all-knowing, all-powerful, computer and game giant instead chose to suspend the customer from participation in an online competition, which caused his team to be eliminated.  The customer even enlisted the help of the mayor of Fort Gay, but to no avail.  Nope.  He was told by the Politically Correct police that whether it was the city’s name or not, the word “gay” was inappropriate in any context!  The customer was told that if he put Fort Gay back in his profile, Xbox Live would cancel his account and keep his $12 monthly membership fee!  Damn!

It’s almost hard to figure out whether they are trying to defend the gay community from being potentially being ridiculed, or whether they are simply discriminating against the gay community.  Either way, they’re idiots.

Of course, as the incident gained media coverage, the company is trying to distance itself from any wrong-doing, chalking it up to an honest mistake and miscommunication.  Yeah.  Buy that, and I’ve got a nice bridge in Brooklyn I’d like to sell ya.